No Purge on Exiles ?!

hello everyone, there hasn’t been a purge for 3 days although the purge bar is already at the second stop! so the purge travel progress is not possible.

Official server PvE EU 2022.

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Are your base located in the south side of the river? There is no purge there since update 2.8 if im not mistake, its meant to make the begginers life easy humpf.

I built on the north side of the river, east of the sentinels, south of sinners. Purge bar is full, no purge. I’m afraid if I move north I’ll get an immediate purge that levels my not ready base.

On the public server I moved south of the river after a bugged purge leveled my base. Yes, the rocknose one. So be forewarned, you may not like the purge you get.

This has also been happening to me the past two weeks, last week I had the bar past the line on Saturday, but the Purge didn’t come until Monday. It’s something I’ve never experienced before and I get the purge once every week or two.

I also had the Purge meter past the line yesterday, but nothing came. Once the Purge hours were done, I did see in my event log “Purge Start. Purge Ended” multiple times. Nothing came though. I’m sure it will come today, but this does seem to be an issue.

I’m all the way up in the Mounds of the Dead, so it’s happening all over!

Some days the purge dont trigger, even with the full meter is not 100% that it will spawn, there is a long time i sutdied about purges, donnow if it changed much. But seens that it is delivered to some elegible players, the purge has a window of time from 18h do 22h to happen. I had days that i was online with full meter and the purge not came. Observe some more days when the server is full of player maybe the purge is happening top some people, your time will come eventually. But if after a several days it not happens maybe it should be a bug.

The purge display is also complete in the second area, nothing has happened for 4 days. Yes, we also have a base in the south by the water, but also others that are in other areas, so it should start there?!
In the event log I’ve also seen for days that the purge starts every 3 minutes and ends by itself, even if I’m on the server.
I also had the purge signal when I logged on to the server, but none came.
already strange.

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