No room left in inventory

I get the message “no room left in inventory” followed by not being able to interact with doors or much of anything else. It seems to only happen if I’m in or around my base. Other then that everything is working fine so far. I’m on a live private server.

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Had the same issue. Try picking up something. That seems to reset it, at least temporarily.

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A lot of folk seem to be getting it, we just pay it no mind until they get rid of it

Are you on private or official and did yall wipe after the patch. Just trying to narrow things down

Official Server #403 PVE-F (US)

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Thank you. Public servers were wiped, correct?

Nyet. No wipe until May 8th.

Ah ok. Well hopefully the new hotfix took care of it even though I didn’t see it mentioned.

Same here, i can go and drop off everything and go naked - still get the message. Wonder if this has to do which mods you had before, one of them was 2k stack.

Well I never had those mods so I’m guessing no

Nope. I don’t use mods, and I get the message.

Still getting it after hotfix.

Me too. Well let’s hope for another hotfix today or tomorrow!