No Sandstorm anymore?

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I get no sandstorm anymore. already 3 times. There are the signs (black dirt flying horizontal, sound, some dust and clouds) no visual storm, no darkness, no actual storm.
First time southern part of savanna, then above executioners entrance (at my base, lots of storms before the patch), last time while running into the jungle northeast of sandswept ruins (trying to escape it).I hope this is not on purpose, the storm is very cool!

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I noted a similar thing in my post here.

What seems to have have happened is that the sandstorm, like a flock of birds, has decided to migrate south. The south side of the sandstorm now touches down in the starter desert (which must be fun to new players logging in for the first time). However, the north side of the sandstorm seems to have moved south as well. They didn’t remove the visual effects for it though, which is why you see the flying dirt and dust clouds at first.

Funcom has yet to mention if this is intentional or not.

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In singleplayer the first storm the first storm hits only after several days, but in multiplayer, wow thats a harsh start.

Is catch up time turned on in the server settings? I’ve seen one suggestion that this helps with sandstorms.

You know, now that you mention it, I don’t recall seeing a sandstorm the last couple of days. I started a fresh single player character after the patch and I don’t think I’ve seen any sandstorms outside of the one in the opening cinematic.

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I had one yesterday while I was doing Purge testing in Single Player. Seemed pretty normal.

Had a sandstorm the second day of my new single-player game. (no mods)

Yeah, I’m not to worried about it at the moment. It’s only been a couple days after all. Could just be a fluke that I haven’t seen any. I’ll try and make a mental note to watch for them next time.

I had one a few days after starting a new character. However, since then I’ve only seen the dirt flying past. No actual sand storm ever materialized.

Me to, started a new game with (singleplayer) new char, and had several sandstorms since.

Tested without any mods, but also with some of my fav mods. Both worked for me.

Just checking in to say I still haven’t seen any sandstorms since the patch. Single player, no mods. Mostly been hanging around the desert area of rows 7 and 8 on the map, so I should have seen something if there was one. Was always able to watch it go by before.

Hoping this isn’t a bad sign as far as meteor showers are concerned when I eventually make my way over there. They were already a serious pain in the butt to find in single player before. :worried:

Strange, your post isn’t the only i saw.
But never had troubles with sandstorm myself.

Just a wild guess, what are your language settings, we saw it with other feature, some time client language may mattter, especially when it comes to weather.

Don’t know how the language setting would possibly be related, but it’s English.

I think I probably do have server catch up enabled though. Multigun mentioned it might have an effect. Even if that’s the case though, that’s a bug that needs corrected.

I’ll continue keeping an eye out. Just struck me as rather odd that I haven’t seen any sign of one as of yet after this long, so I figured I’d go ahead and mention it.

Just i know that in past some players experienced different weather standing side by side, just cause they had different language set in client. Like said, it’s just a wild guess. This sandstorm thing is bad for those touched, and i know some people. The worst thing is still when you don’t have a clue how to fix it for them.

Hey there everybody,

We’re aware of some issues affecting Sandstorms at the moment, one of them being invisible sandstorms.
We’ve sent note to our team that Sandstorms seem to have changed their trajectory slightly and that in some cases they don’t seem to trigger anymore.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


So saw these reports about sandstorm, and made some test on singleplayer.

Set-up a base in the deset, above the noob-river, just under Watcher’s Waystation and nearly in front of Lockout point.
I have sandstorm in a good part of the desert, but this part here isn’t touched anymore by it.
Sandstorm stop near Hanuman Grotto, while it stoped before by the ruins of the Sandstorm Maniac, like described in lore.
This is the change i can see in my current game. Of course, here you will see the sky become dark, some dust-things flowing around, but you don’t need shelter, and don’t be harmed by the real sandstorm itself. But if i move west, there is the normal sandstorm.

So to me, at least in my game, it looks like the sandstorm was moved west. And this makes a good part of the desert without it, all the part near the jungle.


Ok, so I finally got a sandstorm just a few minutes ago. I happened to be gathering rocks up near the breach when the black streaks and dimmed sky effect started. Ran down to the cliff where I could observe it.

I could see the sandstorm moving across the desert. However, it did appear much further south than normal. Also it seemed to vanish much sooner than it should have. If I had to guess, from my vantage point it probably vanished at or just to the east of The Summoning Place. Once it got there, it just blinked out of existence. It looked so far south that that’s probably close to where the northern edge of the storm was too. There or The Sinkhole.

I still have no idea why it took so long for one to trigger. But now that it has, I can confirm that there’s definitely something different going on with it’s path through the desert.


Exactly, sandstorm has moved west, maybe also more south.

This make it that a good part of the desert don’t experiment any sandstorm more.
I know there was some complaints about sandstorm hitting starter area, just at the spawnpoint, that could be related to.

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