No server list while server is running

I had a server running all fine for the most until the patch yesterday. Then after the update the server can be joined by others, but not me anymore my server list is empty. I tried direct connect says that my password is wrong so I removed it then it gave another error as well. So I thought okay, change the ports for the server maybe there is a conflict so I changed them to some random one 27200 and 8889 or something like that. It will still give me the same error and the list is still gone. I am sure what else to do I cant host it on my laptop I tried that it is just laggy and randomly shutdowns or resets itself.

Are you attempting to play the game from the same PC the server is running on? You’d need to do some special configuring to get that to work, and would also need a pretty robust PC to be able to do this and run the game with a decent frame rate.

I have a player suggestion that might help you if this is what’s going on:

-suggestion by user Toooni:
By default, servers will listen on UDP ports 27015 and 7777. If you are attempting to host a server on ports other than the default, please make sure you are editing the port in
the server’s “engine.ini” file, and not through a command line parameter.

Please look for or add:
Port =”

And enter the correct port here.

If you continue to have connection issues, then please consider submitting a help ticket at We’ll be happy to help you with troubleshooting for this, or any other issue that may occur.

In my post I had said I changed the ports so I already did that because I thought there was a conflict. Again this didn’t become a problem until that last patch.

Changing ports in ini file does not work. Friend had issue with running The Forest server for us becuase we thought CE server changed ports. Changing ports thru bat file should work, but I can’t confirm that.

EDIT: Also, keep in mind that for each port you choose, you need next one open as well. For example, if you want 8889 and 27200, 8890 and 27201 needs to be open too.

I will try that, but I seen the port did change when I looked at the server in the steam server browser and when I used the direct connect in game I had to add the new port as well. I will try that though and see what happens.

Yes I forward all the ports and open them in my firewall as well. Others can join just not myself.

You need -multihome “your local IP with router” in bat file

Also, check if server is shown in steam servers, that is how we actually figured it out that CE did not changed the ports for us

Yes every shows up for others and shows up in the steam browser as well. It was running fine until the last patch for some reason and now it is not. Yes the ports did change for me that is the first thing I thought of when it happened.

Well, you can try to connect thru steam (both server browser and thru a friend) and you can try

localtravel “local ip”

command from console.

Other than that, I am not sure

I will give it a try late I can’t atm just have to wait til later to give it a go.

Well I got it to work it -multihome just have other problems now it seems just random shut downs I looked at the logs USpawnTableComponent::SpawnNPC - The RaceTemplate Male/Female selection does not match the gender assigned in the RaceTemplate for SpawnTable now I had the same problem as well when tried it on my laptop not sure what is going on. I mean it works for a while then out of no where the console window just closes, but that is something totally different. I don’t know what to do so I gave up on the game since the dlc had nothing but issues sigh oh well.

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