No Server Transfer

There is not a server transfer for Xbox, me and my friend wants to change server to exile lands from siptah because they are abandoning the dlc… DLC WHICH WE PAID FOR. And there is not a server transfer button.

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doesn’t exist anymore…just start a new character in Exiled Lands. Game ain’t really hard anyway.
Also, abandoned? how?

Ahh, okay. I know games’ not hard but creating a character level 1 with no feats and our stuff is a huge bummer. Plus, all the stuff coming out is for exiled lands not siptah, siptah gets it later or we get it but at a minuscule portion of what exiles lands get. We don’t even get the dungeon that came in season two and the other dungeon for kali metal. We don’t get anything, and it’s so annoying.

To sum it up, we don’t want to lose our knowledge and start from scratch.

Siptah has more weapon choices, but I get what you are saying.
Personally, I have characters on both. Because it ain’t a huge hassle if you are a somewhat experienced player.
And playing as a team makes it even less of an inconvenience to start from scratch.
I play on 3 Official servers: #1049…if you wanna get hooked up with some fine gear and crafter thralls.

You’re good mate, we might start doing the same and do two servers as well. We are from the crashing days when it first came out, we changed to siptah for something new is all. But thanks!!

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