No Servers found in online, game says i have to be online


I downloaded Conan Exiles yesterday, and wanted to play on a private Server with a friend.

I have the problem, when i want to search for Servers the game says to me “You have to be Online to search for servers.” but i defenitly know, that i am online, when i am talking to a friend via ts, watching a stream and have another game open, which needs online connection.

So it seems for me, that my game can’t connect with the Funcom server to show me a server list.

In the main menu when you first start Conan, it connects with funcom, i can join game invites from the “funcom friend list” and when i am fast, i can join the server via direct connect. But when i am a little bit to slow, i have to restart the game until i can join.

I already downloaded the game twice.
I already deinstalled and installed BattleEye multiple times.

How can this s**t be fixxed ?



Sounds like some Firewall settings to me.

It is not the Firewall,
when i deactivate it, i still cant see anything in server list
and in main menu i can connect to the funcom servers, when firewall is online

Are you using Win7?

I have this issue too with Windows 8.1, 64 bit.

If I keep trying to load the server list I eventually connect. However, my connection is really bad with a ton of lag issues even if the ping is decent.

yes i am using Win7
my Firewall is Norton (but when i deactive it, i have the same problem)
via direct connect or invite from friends i can join the server,
and for the friendlist my conan has to connect to the funcom servers in main menu, which happens without any problem

Check this post, it may help you as well:

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