No Sharks? And how bout that Conans Atlantian Sword?

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Hey there exiles and devs!

So no sharks? I thought that was happening?

And hey, i love the riddle of steel dlc, very cool. How bout throwing in the Conans Atlantian sword and making it worth using? I currently have the sword cause i bought the day 1 edition, but id be Happy if it where available to everyone and at least as good as star metal swords.


I wholeheartedly concur, with a cherry ontop.

Atlantean Sword needs a flawless epic version.

Teasing it’s sublime form on all those DLC statues must be revenge for players disliking The Secret World Online or something.

And yes… you knew I was SO gonna reply to this post :stuck_out_tongue: It’s my BryanSkull.


No Sharks and I was also told no Piranhas…!? But they were part of the whole image used to promote the update. Does anyone know why? I hope they will still be coming at a later date.


I have seen sharks in the sunken city.

But without underwater combat implemented, they do nothimg.

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I’m part of a very few, very select, individuals that have been bitten and survived an online shark attack.

It’s not something I would recommend.

Also, I looted conans sword a long time ago during PvP. It hangs in my spawn point, heh.

Are you sure that the word ‘online’ is correct here? If yes, then this is not very impressive :wink:

Not all sharks are man-eaters.

I know that.

But being bitten by an online shark is less impressive than being bitten by a real-life shark :wink:

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You know what else was used to promote the update? NPC firing a bow while sliding downhill on huge block of ice :sunglasses:

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Well, I don’t know about NPC’s (currently they suffer from Ai retardation :rofl: ) But I have totally surfed the snow on that block of ice. It was…cool…:man_facepalming:


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Really?? Im gonna have to find that!

What about a woman who is extremely priscuous and hussles people at pool? Would that be a man eating shark?

Imma give you a tip…its in the North.


But seriously, I cant really remember where exactly but I think around Icespire Chasm? Closer to the Volcano but I would start there.

Just remember to shout “COWABUNGA!” :joy::rofl::joy:


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There was an attempt at forum humor.


Some people call me a love shark.

You’re a predator with dead eyes and a terrible reputation?


Hahaha and bad breath!

But back to the topic, is there a way we can just take a poll to decide if the Conans Atlantian Sword can be part of a paid dlc? Id buy it again if it where actually useful! At this point its just a tease, not being useful in the least. I get it, it was a “gift” for buying the game at launch but come on, it sucks. If you put THAT jn some dlc I’ll buy it. Statues and other junk, not so much…

I might be willing to pay for the Arnold loincloth… don’t like my ■■■ crack showing in the darfari set.

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