No Stability for sloped ceilings

Title says all: I suggest to remove stability for sloped ceilings, allowing people to create large houses and close them with sloped ceilings.

Also, in architecture, sloped ceilings are specifically made to support each other, preventing each other from collapsing.


Jop. Ruined round buildings for me…

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Yeah, round buildings suffer more than others for stability loss, since triangular ceilngs and sloped ceilings lose twice as much stability per “circle”.

I’d post an image of the home i’m building, but I can’t (I’m still a new user :p) but it’s really a shame that I can’t cover it with a proper ceilings without placing tons of pillars and ruining it.

I’d say, as a further suggestion, to halve the stability loss for triangle ceilings.

imagine a proper maproom…

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