No Steel Farming-Spot on the Isle?

Hey there,
is it possible, that there is no Farming-Spot for Steel bars on the Isle?
Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Farming. It part of an MMO for me. And it’s good, to make Crafting great again. But when I have Tenthousands Steelbars make myself and have for weeks nothing else to do than farming Iron, Brimstone, Leather and Bark to produce Steel fire and Steel, than it gets a bit annoying.

In the North of the Isle is a huge Space with an Pirate - Camp with the only purpose to give Home for a Handful of NPC-Vendors. This place where ideal for a Place like Asgarth

Welcome to the new way to play Conan Exiles. Mind numbingly boring grindfest.

…and here I am, making my own steel like a chump, even in the Exiled Lands…


Farm steel? Go into the storm and kill demons, they gave me a lot of steel and other good stuff
But not as much as the Exiled lands with the mounds.


With the prevalent ease of finding brimstone, hides, and iron all clustered within bow shot of each other; farming steel is less efficient and far more time consuming on Siptah than just making a farming run to craft it.


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