No tentacles in sky? No rift either?

I might be pushing the envelope a bit here, but after the maelstrom nerf they removed a lot of the visual spectacles of the sky in Siptah. The tentacles of the nameless beast and the huge rift in the sky after the storm subsided is gone now. As well as the blue lighting that shot from the tip of the tower itself signaling the end of the maelstrom. This was an immediately identifiable feature that separated the isle of Siptah from the exiled lands. Can we have that back? My server and im sure several other miss it.


Yog in the sky apears whenever someone starts a surge. Scrap together some ???, and you may rejoice over tenticals again.

Ill rejoice when the rift returns o/

The old wild surges are gone, but the tentacles could have had another function like boosting a camps power or something… (maybe change the camp creatures to storm monsters? Idk)

Surges never happens on the server I’m on most of the players hate it, because of the potential trolling :confused:

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I am sad about the disparition of the old wild surges. Is there a console commande to enable or activate it? Like for “dc storm start”

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