No theft on PvE Conflict?

So PvE Conflict is basically - Want loot then PvP if you happen to run across someone out in the open; Everything else is safe? What is the benefit if the only way to ‘raid’ someone is direct conflict?

PvE is players vs the environment. Other players looting each other would then fall into the pvp realm.

There are three types of servers. PvE, PvE Conflict; PvP. My question is why PvE Conflict is limited to open field PvP and all things in a base are safe? If I can get in somehow, why can’t I loot things that the player failed to secure?

If you want to do that then play on a pure PvP server. PvE Conflict is for those that want a mainly PvE experience with some opportunity to fight with other players yet their bases still be safe from raiders. Why you want to raid on PvE server?

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