No Titanium From Silver Nodes

Something seems to be blocking titanium from spawning at silver nodes. I suspect that Age of Calmitous and Immerse RP decor are not playing nice with each other.

Ill list our server mods list and load order here. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated. I know it worked prior to the owner adding Immerse per my request.

Mod List
300 level
the AoC
Aoc rp add on
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
Improved Quality of Lide
RA Character customization
RA fantasy Extension
Accessory Wardrobe
immersive ARMOR
Greater camera distance
Akubas Salom
Northern Timber
Outfit manager
Grim Productions
Sexy Silent Legioneer
Barbarian barber
Less Building replacement
Indrids Custome Places and Classess
Better Thralls
Thrall Side Kick
Exiles Extreme
DMT (Admin only Version)
Immerse rp Buildings and placable decor
glass constructions and more
Immerse rp Placeable decor
Hosavs Custom UI
Devious Desires

Anytime you add a mod and it breaks AoC materials. It means you probably need to move that mod above AoC so that AoC loads last and doesn’t have its methods overwritten.

Also make sure you are using a Pick and not a Pickaxe. Only Picks get special materials. Pickaxes are only used for pure volume of vanilla mats.

You have Barbarian Barber along with Akubas Salon. Fashionist with Outfit Manager and Accessory Wardrobe plus RA Character Customization. Hosavs Custom UI along with Improved Quality of Life. Frankly, I’m surprised you aren’t experiencing a lot more issues. I would think a lot of these mods are overwriting each others features. :man_shrugging:

Thank you for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:

Those mods have contingencies to work with each other.

If they’re put in the recommended order of course.

We’re new to adding mods to a server. So our mods list is a duplicate of a server that we played on breifly, with the exception of Immerse. For the most part everything seems to be getting along fairly well. So far the only issue we seem to be running into is the titanium. We may experience other issues down the road as we learn and level. Or we may get lucky. :slight_smile:

Sever owner followed your suggestions and we are back in business! Thank you Taemien.

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