No track of loot possible?

I am the raid leader of a progression raid force in T6. On Sunday 02.24.2019 20:58 UTC we finally killed Cetriss for the first time. The loot was set on masterloot. While we were busy positioning us for a screenshot one of my raiders accidently opened the box an looted the two Emerald Essences. This was possible due to the very well known exploit options you get with a certain emote. He was defiantely not aware of this exploit, he was smashing keys trying to hide GUI for the screenshot. Things happen, no big deal, he immidiately wrote a petition.

Today, three days later, the GM answered him that he can not give the Emerald Essences to the asigned characters, because the raid id resetted. 18 characters in that raid killed this boss the first time, and got the achievement at this kill for this boss, including his DT. One of the Essences is a soldier one, he still has it in his inventory, did not click it into his token inventory. His DT still needs Essences. So why should he try to give token to other characters if they were not looted by accident? Why should we suffer because it took the GMs 3 days to answer a petition? And why should we suffer because of an exploit that was reported a thousand times, but never got fixed?

I really have a hard time keeping my raidforce together, getting such crap from FC, after such a victory.
Ususally loot problems are fixed in the blink of an eye, the characters do not even have to be online.

Yeah, this may be only two Emerald Essences, we will get over it, but this is just really bad customer support.


I’ve had occurrences where GM said they had no record of a person taking part in a kill (when they did), and even sometimes that a raid boss had even been killed. How is that even possible that they are unable to track these things?

Thats the issue with petition taking days to answer. They make excuses to get out of doing work.

I’ve had this issue with the learning Khitai/UC groups I run with newer players.

A while back, I took 3 newer people to a KK loop for the first time. My loot rules are simple but due to a small translation issue one of the group members didn’t fully understand and rolled for an item that one of the newer players could have used as an upgrade. The player that won felt very bad afterwards, sent a petition, but was told that they couldnt give the item because they couldnt “prove the people were in the instance and that the boss was killed”

Of course it took multiple days to be told this.

But a person who deletes a character can reclaim their character within a 30 day period. And if they delete items accidentally or otherwise, and want them back, as long as the player can name the item specifically, there is a window of about the same time frame to get the gear back. And Funcom is able to track these things, but cannot track who was in a raid or a group that has a timestamped screenshot showing the people in the instance by name after three days?

And yes, I am aware that Funcom chooses not to have set GMS for specific games and that all of the GMS have to toggle between Anarchy Online, The Secret World, Age of Conan, Secret World Legends, and most likely Conan Exiles. But apparently they do not either have enough GMS to split between these games so there are 4 GMS to a game or something, or they are so flooded with tickets all the time that they need to hire more people but don’t for whatever reason. I understand that they attend to tickets as they recieve them and they want us to be patient, but at some point Funcom needs to actually address this issue. Many other MMOs out there that are either of a similar age to Conan, or a few years newer, like STO, have GMs that work around the clock and respond to support tickets within a couple of hours, 24h maximum.

One time I deleted my Quill of Ibis by coincidence so I had to contact a GM to get it back. GM told me that I never had that weapon on my toon because he cannot track it even though I provided several screenshots and even I was willing to post a video of me wielding the Ibis. Additionaly, the petition was sent within a week after I realised my weapon has gone. One need to have enormous power of will to play AoC :smiley:

Those ibises got bad habit to get deleted. Especially when not needed anymore🤭. I’m happy that people realize fast enough that they are missing obsolote, dust-gathering item from their inventory… there’s only that week to save it from the binaryspace after all…

I understand that they have to be carefull with such things, bad things happened in the past. I understand that they will not deal with dungeon loot. And I fully understand that it is a valid concern that people might try to give special raid loot to characters which never stepped a foot into the raid instance via petitioning it.

It is not the first time a wrong loot happened in one of our raids, and it will not be the last time, mistakes just happen. What makes me furious is that rules they are establishing themselves are changed by Funcom as they like it, espacially in a situation we can not be blamed for.
It has never be a problem to correct a wrong raid loot, also we all experienced different approaches from different GMs. Sometimes you had to be online on the character and live delete the item, sometimes the GM just handled the case when you were offline.

The player this is about has and doesn’t want any advantage from this petition. The reason he had to write it is an unfixed, well reported bug. It is not his fault that the petition was attended to after three days, after the raid id reset. We can provide a 2 years raid planner history for this raid, almost 1 1/12 years for his character in this raid. We have screenshots from after the kill, and a video that starts seconds after the box opened, and all the following discussion and loot distribution. In this video you can see in the chat that two items are missing when I re-opened the box. Unfortunately no one seems to have saved a time stamped screen shot - I just forgot about it in the heat of the moment.

Anyway, nothing of this should even matter, because it is common buisness how Funcom deals with mislooted raid loot. We did nothing wrong, we played by the rules and reacted immidiately to a mistake in the appropriate way. I can not believe that there was no other way to deal with this case, especially as the player explained the situiation in length and much better english than me to the GM. It is not like there are thousands of progression T6 raidforces any more.

Can we get an official statement about this? Like…all petitions after lets say sunday are pointless about raid loot, because Funcom can not guarentee that they will get to that petition in time befor the id reset?

PS: I will not write an elaborate bug report about this specail emote. FC, you know about it. Just fix it.

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The best you can do is request that Customer Service Lead review it. GM Nossos

We understand if you’re disappointed a Game Master wasn’t able to help you with this request in-game, but the forums are not an appropriate avenue for requesting review on an in-game petition.

If you’d like to request further review, please go to and submit an email support ticket describing the situation and stating that you would like to speak to the CS Manager or another higher authority. Please be sure to include the character you used to submit the original petition, as well as any reference numbers you’ve been provided. This information will help us to review your request more efficiently.