No way man, I can't do it

You accidentally said beautifully :sparkling_heart: who exactly they created this Battle Pass for.

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Yep. People gotta approach this tactically. Not brute force.

Ignore/Actively Avoid the cheap Common/Uncommon challenges.

My basic approach is:

  1. Clear any 70xp or 150xp on my list when I first check each day. To get the 10x modifiers.
  2. Reroll and clear new 70/150 with stored modifiers.
  3. Repeat until I have no rerolls.
  4. Start over at #1 the next day.

I’m up to around 1/3 of the way through by doing this.


I beg whomever designed this Battle Pass thing to go play one or two other games and take some pointers. Break rocks? I will NOT.

No Man’s Sky
Work through 5 tiers of Milestones. Each Milestone requires completion of ancillary tasks, like gathering. In that context, Mining is either necessary or simply a matter of Inventory. Each tier is more difficult, but more rewarding. You get rewards as you claim Milestones.

WWE 2K22
Level your stable of rasslers (represented by Bubblegum cards, how quaint), go for Supremacy in the wild world of the WWE. Wrestle other factions, teams and even franchises in your quest for it all. You put your “cards” up against their “cards” and actually wrestle. New opponents, new challenges, greater danger.

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How many rerolls do you get? Are they per season or per day?

3 per day.

So clearing only the 70s and 150s is perfectly viable. I went up like 4 ranks today from doing this, with 3 modifiers held over for tomorrow.


I do Apex Legends Battlepasses - deal 1000 damage, play 2 games, kill 5 legends-> all things I would do anyways and the bp is just an additional reward for doing it (and logging in, obviously).
Most of the CE BP challenges are things I would normally not do.
This is actually a big difference and something to consider.

Cool. So don’t do it. It sounds to me like you’re really just saying you hate battlepasses but instead of complaining about their price you are opting to try and say they just arent fun.

Maybe you legit feel that way I don’t know. If you feel that way - then don’t do them.

Over the weekend of casual playing I am 1/3 of the way done with the battlepass and that wasn’t binge playing. Additionally I know people that admin paneled most of the battle pass over the weekend.

So… its really a non-issue to me. But I’ve also been involved in probably 20 other games that do the same thing so for me its business as usual. And those other games were often a lot more annoying to get through.

Just curious, where else do you get a metric ton of bricks for a decent size build project?

I could’ve guessed but instead I went back through a random sampling of my vids from when I was in gather mode:

#3: Theft
#2: Bearer Packs
#1: By-product of iron, coal or rocknose

LOL! your doing small fry stuff- check the multipliers and xp gain.I always go for the highest ones i can and i dont grind it. im 15 out of 60.

I’m at just under 18 today and I have 3 modifiers for tomorrow.

We could use more interesting missions/quests to make it not so mind numbing. They could also award more exp per mission/quest to require less of it per season (age).

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I am already level 60. If you know how, you can get it done within 2 days :wink: (without purchasing levels ofc)

You should add Mass Cull to that list.

For just the cost of a few gold dust, I was able to mine up about 14,000 stone in under 2 minutes and completed the challenge.

3.0 is the gift that keeps on giving. That might just be my new favorite spell.

I’ve essentially only rerolled once. I was doing whatever was on my challenge list and collecting it as soon as it was done just in case the next in line was something to be done in that area. It was still mostly small fry stuff and very tedious.

“Just curious, where else do you get a metric ton of bricks for a decent size build project?”

Running out and farming a bunch of rocks to build while wearing the old survival gear/etc wasn’t nearly as tedious. The problem now is that it’s 10 rocks, then 10 trees, then kill 10 humans, etc.

I would gladly rather do say 25 human kills for double the XP of doing 10 kills. That’s 5 extra kills for less XP but at least it’s making the challenge actually worth my time.

I flipped servers. Very annoying getting disconnected- but i just continued on another server.

Also challenges will be based on map also. EL or IOS

Best of all you save your rewards for any single character.

I have no earthly idea what your response even means other than you are hammering the keyboard in anger trying to flex. Conspiracies lol.