No weapons or armor in Boss loot?

Hi i have a question. I’m playing in PS4 Singleplayer.Everytime i finished a boss there is not even one weapon or armor to find online repair kits. Is there random loot?Do i have to try more often? Or is domething wrong with the loot stuff?

I’m guessing since you say you are getting repair kits that you are taking about bosses in the unnamed city. They have a very low chance of dropping weapons and armor. 1% chance if I remember right. Just keep grinding then you’ll get weapons and armor eventually.

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Bosses definietly doesn’t drop armor just like that… There can be recipes for you to lear how to craft armor .

They mostly drop keys to chests - sometimes to some place and some even specific armor piece… it depends on given boss.There is no random loot basicly

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@assasin172 what do you mean there is no random loot? Most of the bosses in the unnamed city dont drop keys (snake being an exception).

Okay thank you very much.So i just keep on trying.

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