No wipe every 1-2 month make game dead?

No wipe every 1-2 month make game dead? Guys do you have the same opinion?

If PvE Offcial ever get’s wiped, I’ll go nuclear.
There is an unwritten rule that you don’t erase people’s time investment in a game after release.

Besides, decay timers are mini-wipes. And those who remain to persist, deserve their place on the server.


But in rust wipe is every month and play a lot of ppl imo it’s good fresh start for all (sry for my english) actually in rust 30k ppl in conan 11k…

In my opinion, the worst thing a game can do is to completely invalidate your time investment. Forced wipes do just that. Unless that principle exists from the time the game was first released as then you’d know what you were getting yourself into when buying the game.

If players want a “wipe” they can impose it upon themselves. After a month of playing your current character, just move to another server or click recreate character. There, you’ve wiped yourself.


It took us a good month to build our castle. Wiping it and our characters in another month would be a huge pain. Not something I would want.

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Absolutely do not wipe servers, at the very least PvE ones. I don’t even see why it would be necessary with the whole decay system in the first place. Inactive players will have their buildings decay and fade away and I don’t have unlimited time to play so re-grinding my character every few months does not sound fun.

This too. I like the game. It’s not super hard to level, but I have limited playtime. I would not want to spend the first week after each wipe grinding to level 60 again. It would eat up too much game time.

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