Nomads - Wipe 1 May 2020, Exp x3, PvP, PvB - weekend


Nomads - No one will survive
Server PVP - IP:

If you are bored of playing the standard version of Conan, check the Nomads server.

All raw materials You will obtain by killing people living on exile lands

Server settings:

  • exp for killing monsters: x3
  • pvb monday - friday: 19:00 - 23:00
  • pvb saturday - sunday: 17:00- 23:00
  • purge - max lvl
  • monsters deal a little more damage

Additional changes:

  • on start you can craft bow, cleaver, knife and primitive tent
  • pick and hatchet were removed from the game
  • increased amount of resources from human bodies
  • cleaver gather small amounts of stone from stone ore and iron from iron ore
  • cleaver gather small amounts of wood and bark from trees
  • chance of loot resources bag from killed npc
  • crystal and brick - loot from rocknose
  • black ice - loot from frost giant
  • demon blood - use cleaver
  • removed gold ore from obsidian
  • you are faster hungry when is cold
  • more warm, cold
  • removed elevators
  • removed vault

Nomads Village (i3)

  • camel merchant
  • manufacture
  • water well