Non EU countries all over EU servers-Live services to blame?

it appears since the implementation of live services and the skyrocketing ping rates the only way for many legitimate players(as in from that region) to get on the servers was to use direct connect, however it has become obvious to anyone playing on these servers that are populated have no doubt run into a Zerg from a specific nation renowned for their nationalism and cheating.

The direct connect seems to be bypassing any ping checks which prior kept the regions separate and this is having disastrous consequences with the on the ground game-play as this rampaging nationalistic zerg seems to go from server to server, cheating, looting then I expect body vaulting incase the server ever regained population (they tend to be empty when they are finished)

the reporting to action time is woefully inadequate when it has come to cheating infractions although this isn’t what I am making this thread about it is just an exacerbation of this problem, these people shouldn’t be playing on these servers.

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