Non tanking weapons with warding suffix

I dont know how to start this but
Whats up with the “warding” suffix?

Especially for the blade ones?
Because blades are now non tank items right?

They dont generate hate therefore cannot hold aggro. If you wanna hold it for aggro you wouldnt go also for warding. So whats the use for blade with warding suffix?

Im like half ranting here also because i got an anima touched blade of warding.

Which is really underwhelming for a rare item.

And cant think of any use for it.

Anyone has some good builds for it?

Isnt it also time for devs to look at this?
Since you cant have really good use of blade wardings…or other non tanking items with warding in its suffix.

The “warding” suffix is pretty much useless - even for tanking weapons. The bonus it provides is too low to matter for any but the very lowest-level content.
But if it had been a higher bonus it could have been quite useful for solo-play - which is after all the majority of the game.

Which suffix a given weapon gets is completely random - it has nothing to do with what kind of a weapon it is.

The Warding suffix provides roughly 1.8% EHP no matter how advanced one’s gear is. It’s not that bad, but for DPS weapons it’s definitely useless.

The whole suffix subject is a tricky one imo. In my opinion, it should have a rework. Either we can manually select suffixes on weapons at any time, or i’d even completely scrap away suffixes and introduce weapon signets, so people can actually customize and get the signets and the associated effects they want. Oh, and don’t just transform suffixes into “signets” please. There can be more creative effects to be done.


Many (most?) with random prefixes and suffixes allow you to reroll them. Most systems I’ve seen either use the existing in-game currencies (in our case, Anima Shards and MoF) or they introduce some kind of currency only used for rerolling. Usually this currency is gained by breaking down equipment you don’t want rather than selling it.

It’s just a random reroll for some in-game currency until you’re satisfied. It’s a great currency sink and it makes players happy. That’s a win-win. Why FC refuses to introduce such basic QoL stuff is beyond me. Eventually they might, but I’ve never seen a game dev like FC drag their feet about simple things like this for so long and when they finally do introduce it in Fall of 2019 they’ll herald it as “the greatest thing since sliced bread, I’m glad I thought of it.”


If warding were desirable for tanks, the extra protection could have been useful to have on the off-hand if it were also on the main-hand, so you wouldn’t drop damage reduction when casting its abilities. Or so I imagine, anyway.

I was merely postulating that if it were a desirable stat, it might be used that way. However as you point out, it is not currently a desirable stat.