None of my weapons take damage

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I really debated reporting this, but none of my weapons take damage whenever I use them. Im on an official pvp server and my tools and armor do take damage. Just my weapons do not. as a matter of fact, if i equip one that is damaged and go fight, it fixes itself to 100 hp.

my weapons have the master weapon fitting, I can’t remember what its called, and I have the Derketo dlc and the Pictish dlc.

as much as I enjoy it, you should probably know about it hahaha!

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Hello @jesstheripper, thank you for getting in touch!

Could you elaborate on all the weapons that exhibit this behavior, including mods and whether you’ve used oils on them? Do you happen to have had these weapons prior to the latest updates?

Also, do newly crafted weapons take any damage?

You either have Godbreaker boots or The Nemedian helmet on you…

Both items repair your main hand weapon, while you GET dmg.
While farming you normaly dont get dmg > your tools are losing durability.

When you fight, you get dmg > then the boots or the helmet repair your main hand weapon.

Also the word you should use, is not “dmg”, but durability. And fixes to 100%, not 100hp.


You’re right, it’s the boots! and this whole time i thought it was a glitch!

and to elaborate for @Hugo , no mods are installed as im on a ps4, and i have the pictish dlc and Derketo dlc. but I think Jot29 got it figured out lol.

edit: Its my jedias greatsword, the scythe from thag, curved short sword, and basically any weapon I use. I didn’t see in the description of the godbreaker boots that they repair stuff, but my clansmate suggested the same thing lol.

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