Nordheimer Berserker?

Nordheimer Berserker?
Were these taken out of the game?
Any information is appreciated.


I have seen a few of them since I was “farming” for Janos, though I am playing single player mode only, not sure if that changes anything.

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Yes please. You beat me to it Zeb.

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So the camps around New Asagarth?
When was the last time you seen one?

When? Because the only screenshot of one is from Early Access time…

And Firespark used one in his latest video… god knows why. Probably because he didnt know better…

You can also spawn in Bandit leaders or Captains… but you cannot get them anymore.

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Another interesting thread:

Someone said that they were in the game during whole EA, but is unsure If they are still in the game…
Someone also said he got one…

@Wak4863 you ever saw nordheimer Berserker around NA with the fix T4 mod on?

Yes in the camps around New Asgarth and in the village itself as well I think.
But I just realized something, I use a mod that increases rare thrall Spawn chance by 20% and apparently fixes some broken spawns. I don’t know if this made the berserker spawn (it does not say which broken spawns were fixed specifically), I’m sorry about that but I didn’t remember that I had this mod running. So my feedback regarding the spawns might not be of much help.

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I farmed the village for quite some time, to get the chieftain armorer…

And the chieftain spawn was also nerfed. So its really low and still got 6-7 chieftains (no armorer…).
I made 8k steel there and never saw a Nordheimer berserker.
And I got like 20-30 hearts… so T4 killed.

@Hugo could you poke the devs, If the Nordheimer berserker is ingame and can spawn without admin mode or mods?

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Yes I see the Nordheimer Berserker with the Mod but I also see the Captain near sep city. Neither of which will spawn without the mod. Those 2 were added back in by the mod creator.


Yes, I believe it’s the @Multigun’s increased T4 spawn mods that bring the Nordheimer Berserkers “back” into the game. I use one of those mods and I see these guys sometimes. They’re kinda cool, even if they’re not quite as strong as their Cimmerian colleagues.


It is indeed mutligun’s mod that is the reason of their presence.


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