Nordheimer RP PvP Group Recruiting

Located on the most popular no mod EL Community Server, we are recruiting for the server’s new season starting on July 6th.

The Northmen is looking for loyal denizens to join it’s Clan. In the old lands, some called them Vikings or Danes. Hailing from the icy North, they have begun their migration to a more forgiving climate. Worshipping the God Ymir, bringing glory to their name is their calling. Expect to encounter Traders, Mercenaries, Politicians, Scouts, Gatherers, Builders, Tradesman, and everything else involved in building a Kingdom. Skol !

We will offer in-depth and elaborate storylines, where everyone’s voices are heard. You can expect collaborative RP both within the clan, and with other groups on the server. We will also be offering a questing and ranking system to give everyone expanded content and more chances for unique RP. If this sounds like a good fit for you, contact Legendinabox#1815 on Discord for more info.

Some of the Positions We Are Recruiting: (Not limited to just one job)

Traders (Merchants)
Councilmen (Politicians)
Tradespeople (Blacksmith, Armorer, Priests, etc.)
Artisans (Builders/Decorators)

If there is something not listed above, that you think would be a good fit, let me know.