Nordlanders looking for recruitments ☆ (E)RP // PVE/PVE-C // PC

Currently recruiting for clan, Nordlanders.

Looking for players of many different backgrounds.

•House Slave

We are a clan if 4 with the possibility of growing to 20. Decent plot of land and we are looking to grow a family of players :heart:

Server: Rise of the Overlords
Map: Exiles

Join the discord and message Freya Vargr or respond here :black_heart:

Rise Of The Overlords
18+ Adult (E)RP, PvP-C, PvE.

Connection Info:
The world isn’t fair those that work together or put the effort are allowed larger builds, Stronger thralls are harder to get, but when you do you have the advantage. The strong dominate the weak, enslaving them forcing them to serve, the weak accept or rebel or form alliances of their own.

Everything is treated IC, Runaway slave who steals a bunch of stuff from enslaving clan, now you have motivation to hunt them down, those who have more power are stronger but that also makes them a target for theiving.

lock picking, pickpocketing, there’s no value on things if you are stolen from lock your stuff up better or hunt the person down who did. if you are caught stealing the player has every right to go after you, knocking out is the only way to get your stuff back as there is no drop on death


  • Free Large Backup and Elveurim tools
  • PvP & Enslavement but with rules restricting only to those consented ( friendly fire is at it’s lowest)
  • Displayed sheathed bar weapons on body and weapon appearance styles enabled
  • Friendly, active admins who will work with you
  • optional Skip to level 60

RP: Features:

  • Ranks showing consent in game, (PvP, Enslavement)
  • Public RP hubs
  • RP as any kind of character.
  • All the character customisation you can hope for
  • Optional D&D Style Skill Dice Roll RP

All of the best mods including Glass Building, Warrior Mutator, Exiles Extreme, Emberlight, AOC, EWA, Thrall Wars, SvS

Discord: /GR4z8Zu

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