Normal treasure chest in unnamed city are broken

cant open them, and when you break them after swinging wildy for 20 mintues on them they break and respawn broken … could a dev at funcom explain me how in whaffles do you guys manage to break working stuff everytime you fix something that’s broken? dismantling bench was broken but treasure chest worked… fix bench break chest, fix thralls break bench, fix loot break food, fix ressource consumption break hit box on ressource harvesting…

I understand you frustration. In coding, everything can be connected. Things that you would never expect to be related can be effected by a change.

Sure, QA should find these bugs before is, the consumer, but that would just push the patches further to the future. And who would complain about that? Us, the consumer.

I think it is fine, as long as the bugs are fixed in a timely manner. Not like the well issue last year.

may be this is because they outsouce QA in other company…. where labor cost is lower…. but where quality is not there obviously….

still is broken after 2 years. it seems all devs do is break stuff willingly. if they hate their job so much why dont they simply quit so fc can get a more omtivated coder?

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