North east/south east... Jurassic world

I think I heard the two right hand sections of the maps are actually used for caves /dungeons etc?

However… Would it be fecking awesome say South East has a whole dinasour jungle with T-rexes, and tamale raptors that you can ride?

If you want to ride dinos you should change the game ;). That’s what I’d suggest anyways :wink:

Eeeewwwww who is trying to put ARK in my Conan???

While I do love dinosaurs, and while there is precedent for magically resurrected examples of such in Conan…I’m gonna have to agree with everyone else on this. There’s already a game for that, we don’t need them in this one too.

I was thinking more like golden axe… Which was or appears to be inspired by the conan/red sonja/Frank frezzetta/ Boris vallejo genre

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