Northern Lights and Ambience - Just Immersive Stuff

Anyone who has played “Skyrim” would know that the ambience was awesome. Walking through the snowy woods while staring up at the northern lights was almost nostalgic.

I think just blocking out the sky with an overcast is boring. That should only happen when it’s snowing. When it’s not snowing, you will be able to see the northern lights. This has already been demonstrated in the Midnight Grove. When you teleport to the Midnight Grove, you can see some kind of mist around the awesome looking moon setting. Anyways, you get the idea. Just some northern lights.

I was thinking about the weird looking cloud-things over the volcano. They don’t look too natural.
So lets just add relief! I’ll cut it short and less scientific by saying, it’s just a dense cloud that dissipates when going over a mountain. Like a waterfall but cut off before actually falling. Could be cool to add some kind of time speed-up command and just watch the clouds roll off the mountains in the background while also watching the northern lights dancing about at night.

What do the people think about this idea? Not any kind of gameplay mechanic, but an immersive one. Might be cool to make the northern lights cast light onto the Frozen North.


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