Northern Wooded Region

I have a dumb question and I’m new to the game and still learning.

I just built my first camp in one of the grassy planes between the desert and snow biome. I must have spent about 8 hours there and nothing dangerous spawned close enough to agro on unless I went for trees, Stone, or iron.

Then I left to get water and fish from the aqueduct pond.

When I got back, a corrupted wolf had spawned practically in my camp. Needless to say it ate me, Tessa the Blade, and two Boar pets in what seemed like 20 seconds.

Maybe I’m just too used to Ark but doesn’t this game have some sort of enemy spawn radius so that the NPC’s aren’t always attacking without provocation?

If it does how close do I have to build to it’s spawn to shut it off? It’s a private server so I’m not killing other player experience.

Also that wolf must be some sick twisted joke. I can survive longer fighting the 3 skull crocodile, naked. The corrupted wolf is a 1 skull. Even the black rino did less damage and I fought that in a light/medium armor mashup. Ok end rant.

What’s your advice? Do I have to wall off the perimeter? What is it’s spawn location? Does it wander?

The corrupted wolf can replace any normal wolf spawn. Some wolves have fixed locations where they sit. Others are pathers and wander a route (maybe random, maybe fixed) in particular areas.

So possibly your camp is within a pathing area of a normal wolf and you got unlucky with a corrupted one spawning instead.

For me … down on the newbie river … there is a normal crocodile who respawns and he’s within aggro-distance of my thralls … I often hear my archers and melee taking him out when I’m on my base though the crocodile hasn’t actually come to fight me … my thralls go hunting him.

So the animal respawn distance might be closer than you think.


@Rein_Quest walls are always a good idea, along with some archers on top for defence.

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It also happens in the desert. Wandering hyenas can spawn as elites. They will eradicate your thralls if you don’t build a wall.
If enemies spawn inside your base you should add more foundations at the inside. Foundations prevent monster respawns in some small radius.

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