Nostalgia: Blubbag

Hello. I have a request for anyone who might know about these blubbag things! I love the sound they make! I’d like to hear them again. Does anyone have the sounds, or can maybe make a video fighting them? They are so awesome. I make fun of their sound all the time and now I want to revisit and see just how close to the original sound I was making. They’re really cool.

Does anyone else like these creatures? The AODB wiki has it under ‘blubbag’

Please! Someone make a video! ARRRGH!

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hey hey :blush:

Yes! Blubbags are adorable :smile:

I don’t have a video for you, but you can find the sounds in the AO directory in <AO install directory>\cd_image\sound\sfx\creatures\blubbag

Thanks mate! That’s just the hot lead I needed. Cheers. I’m glad you share my love for blubbags.

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Hey, sorry to trouble you again Saavick, but I was browsing through the sounds and I found ‘breiflabb’, do you or anyone else know what creature that is associated with? A picture might be helpful if you can find one. I did a Google search of course, but couldn’t find it.

Breiflabbs are wild versions of the Toxic Floaters and Toxic Bloaters you can find in foremans:

You may also enjoy faunlore for info on many mobs :blush:

That was fast. Thanks for the history lesson. Cheers!

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