Not a fair game?

On server 3201, 4 clans were banned at once, apparently for large buildings. The report threw a clan that has chests in the texture on the aqueduct clan game over and they are not touched. This is fine?


OK reading through this. 4 clans got banned for building violations. However another clan has undermeshed spots. Did anyone report the undermeshers? The admin are not going to look at every single build in the server but target what the report is talking about. Just because there are some that are in violation on the server doesn’t excuse the other violations. Report the violators (see link below). Use the same link to get some insight on why you were enforced on.


They have a very strange punishment, they banned the whole clan except for one person and did not destroy the buildings or use cunning or regret

They have a very strange punishment, they There are no clear rules, anyone can be destroyed. The one who sends the most reports wins. Someone is ruined by everyone who is not touched. the whole clan except for one person and did not destroy the buildings or use cunning or regret


Agreed but this has been debated so many times. No point repeating I have yet to see funcom adapt to all the complaints. I log in the other day there are less people playing then before.

Solution would be to get rid of officals or make a chaos server so the ones that actually want to play wont have to tip toe everywhere. I will state again, I rather deal with undermesher and cheaters then dealing with god strikes.


Just one question… What is the English message when you got banned? The German one says nothing. No one would think he got banned.

A friend said once… Norway people have dark souls because of the dark time in winter… He is a Norwegian BTW :slight_smile:

Can’t say anything bad about him. Only his humor is sometimes very dark… But I like it…

But maybe he is right… Sometimes it looks like funcom don’t like their own players :slight_smile:

I like them… Even if I think they are a little bit Danish because they trolling us with announcements

Anyone can be banned for 5 safes, 10 statues and a sandstone building of 3 floors, whoever sends more reports is right

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We did not send a report on the “game over” and sent them a photo, but they were so scared that they left the clan, transferred everything to a new clan and threw a report on everyone, in general, well done, this is how you should play))

Why don’t they remove the blocking of the character, now for non-standard buildings they block forever? Zendisk not responding

This is unbelievable. Now all of our bases were demolished by admin on server 3201. Is there any way to get a reason what for? We do not cheat in any way, we don’t spam foundations around the map like some other players but we did have a big base this time. Can that be the reason?

The way to see is thru zendesk per erjoh’s post.

Funny thinking zendesk will give you a detail reason lol it is 90 percent genetic

But it is the best and only way.

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