Not a fan of the "Claim Once" items

There are some items for making illusions for your armor and weapon: eyepatch, daggers etc. I’d like to have access to them from all my chars, just like to my Royal Armor (or to the Atlantean Sword for those who have it).

More than likely if they don’t have the free/easy items, they’ll recycle old Battle Pass content in to take it’s place.

And I mean…lazy is to be expected. xD The entire Battle Pass is pretty lazy by design. A lot of the rewards are nothing but palette swaps, the torches in particular.

I wouldn’t expect their best work for any of the BP content.

Those are already in-game items. The Balancing Daggers, any of the other eye patches, and the Helm is from Riddle of Steel.

I think the better idea isn’t so much to make them craftable on any character, but to make them one time use on any character, or maybe any character made prior to the 3.0 update. That will prevent spamming of new characters for free items beyond what already existed. Yes, we know they’re all in game already, but they seem quite useless as a one and done item on a single character. If you unlocked them on a character, only to discover that maybe the item would look better on another character, it seems kinda lame to not be able to do so.

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