Not able to interact under water

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As the Topic says, I am not able to interact with things under water, e.g. fish traps (is this how they are called in englisch?) or to destroy foundations

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Place something fully under water
2.Try to interact

Ok, tested a bit, I am able to interact with fish traps, but only if the cam is under water to.


Ok, also works for foundations, but they have to look out of the ground a bit more than when you place them alone,

Same with any object that I’ve seen, it’s based on camera position so if your camera isn’t in the same plane, you can’t interact with it. Can’t imagine who’s bright idea that was…

you can but if you place them on the edge of the water or slightly submerged you cannot interact at all, same with killing or yourself dying you will not be able to interact with yourself. This also goes for dying on cliff edges or mountain slopes