Not active Subscription in the game

Edit: It took a bit too long time, but everything has been fixed and resolved. When support contacted me he was very helpful and professional. So be patient everyone and they will help you.

5 tickets created and no answer to any of them for almost 2 weeks. Twice I have been charged for the subscription and money taken from my account and haven’t got subscription active in the game even though it says on both websites it is active.

Last ticket #1165066

Creating more than one ticket won’t make the process any quicker.

The average waiting time seems to be better than it was but still seems to be between 2-10 days.

And they don’t answer anything on the weekend.

If this would be less than a week I wouldn’t bother to create more than 1 ticket, but two weeks is too long time and with that speed subscription will end for this month and money has been taken for nothing.

They don’t answer on weekends.

You meant “they dont answer at all”… To be more accurate :wink:

Creating multiple tickets does absolutely nothing to speed up the process for you. The first they will eventually see is the first one created. All the extra ones just slow down the process even further for other customers as the one probably part-time support person has to still read and process all the extra ones, weeks later when he finally gets to them.

Ticket was replied to by CS.

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