Not all T4 smelters works at the same speed,

some are fasters hit silverfinger., jon the tinkerer thran of the flowing steel ,and hurgh raging fire, macrin black hand , thumek irong wrought and stoker bram are among the fastest.

*maybe something is wrong or broken?

Are some Purge Thralls? That’s my first guess.

Really? time to compare i guess…Thanks for the post.

no, i got about 15 different named smelters ( some purge ones included, hilt silverfinger pops in the volcano, but its not a purge one, i added 3000 rocks to each , so they make bricks (all using the improve furnaces, and noticed that some were faster than others, i added rocks from left to right, in order and some in the middle finished first the same task. which was kinda odd if you ask me.

The wiki …

Does state that regular T4 Smelters are 200% speed, and T4 Purge Smelters are 300%.

Maybe the game thinks some of your regular thralls are purge.

Sounds more like maybe the catch up timer for when you aren’t near the crafting stations is slightly imperfect. I can look at their tables to ensure they are set to the correct rates if given their names. Too long of a list to go through them all.

I have to test it again tonight. But I am pretty sure, that Risa the Brutal gives me more fuel-time in a wheel than SirBowen for example.

Some numbers, fe, the smelters were always higher in the wiki (it was the same for Risa the Brutal, but was recently changed). But could be a bug, because of the purge-version.

I can give it a try tonight. Putting a slave into a wheel and testing different T4-taskmasters (have ~20 and 7x Risa).

And why are so many T4 without the red/yellow healthbar with golden border?

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