Not enough horse spawn points on Siptah

Given how important horses are to the early-mid game, I find it kind of distressing that there are no horse spawn points until you get right up to the edge of the maelstrom zone. When you’re still in your 20s/30s and having to cover significant distances to get to Wild Surges or harvest materials that don’t spawn anywhere near water (or much of anything else) like Brimstone, most of the way to the center of the map and back is a long way to run for a foal. And that’s only if somebody tells you that’s where they spawn!

My suggestion: The middle-height meadows all over the west side of the island all have mostly-useless dear and baby-dear spawns. If you replaced every third dear spawn on the west side of the island with a horse/foal spawn, it would really smooth out progression through early-mid levels.

I guess they are in the middle so that people don’t block them with buildings :woman_shrugging:


Easy solution: put them in meadows that are already Wild Surge spots and mark those spots no-build.

If I need new horses I’m out for 3 mins and got minimum 4 foals. Think there are more than enough spawns tbh…


I disagree, I did not have any issues getting foals, even a regular trek across the center of the map usually has me stumble on one or two. This on a server that sits at 40/40 most evenings.

It being dangerous to get one early game is fine IMO, it only makes it interesting :smiley:


They’re everywhere

There are a lot of empty spots in Siptah. A few more horse spawns in those locations wouldn’t hurt.

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i disagree, i was searching for a rhino calf ( nothing since 5 days…) … i found 11 foals in 8 minutes… so there are enough…

a way bit to much …


I can’t say i do agree with you. A) the horse is kinda midd game+ thing, B) the horse spawns are on the plains near at least 2 ley shrines. My memory is not good at the names, but near the most west one LS and the LS of the Goblinoids or (Twice)Drowned were horse foals. Normal, fast and even sturdy ones.

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