Not getting Doubled RF tokens


So I am a subscriber, gets me 50% more RF tokens, which means 1 token becomes 2. Double that would be 4 tokens, but should be 3 if the subscriber bonus doesn’t stack with the anniversary bonus. Seems like it should stack, but not up to me.

And the bonus chests you get from daily rewards are not doubling either, but I do get the 50% subscriber bonus for the tokens in the chests. Is the subscriber bonus blocking the anniversary bonus?


your math is wrong.

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Its for the atlantean shards


As @Crazy already said, it’s only for atlantean shards, it seems like @AndyB mistook the term tokens that we mostly use for the relics and not for the shards.


It should be bonus tokens from RF in general but it only affects Atlantean Shards from the daily challenge chests. The buff is weird. :man_shrugging:

I’ll update the language on the post. Thanks for the heads-up, and I apologize for the confusion.

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no the math is right. If you sub the 50% bonus gets you 2 relics for one. I guess you get the 50% with the relic in it. I thought Tokens meant relics. But I did the RF on a different character and they got the double shard bonus, but the relics only had the 50% subscriber bonus applied. I guess this is right though.