Not getting human purges

My last 5 purges have been non-human only. Locusts and last night yetis in the volcano. I’m getting very frustrated not being able to catch purge thralls. I even hunted only humans since last time so what am I doing wrong?

Take a look at the Purge Map on the wiki. If you hover over the red symbols, it will show you the area that purge can potentially spawn in. Also, it’s important to note that if you have the Purge Difficulty set at 6, then (IME) you will only get purged by those enemies whose Difficulty Threshold is 1-6, and not 1-4.

Being as you mentioned both Locusts and Yeti, my guess is that you have one base by Sepermeru, and another in the volcano. Well, if you look at most of the Purge Types around Sepermeru, the human purges like Relic Hunters are all difficulty 1-4 whereas the Locusts are 1-6. Because of this, the Locusts end up preempting the Relic Hunters. This is why, on the Official I used to play on, everyone would move away from Sepermeru, because there was little benefit to fighting bugs.

Fortunately, in the Volcano you do have a chance at getting Cimmerian Beast-Tamer purges, but they do share that area with Yetis, and in some places Silent Legion and Frost Giants. Also, even if you get purged by humans in the volcano, the AI isn’t very smart and the attackers are apt to suicide in any exposed lava streams.

If you really need some good human purges, my advice would be to stick to the same latitude as New Asagarth. From NA all the way over to Crowngrove, you’d be in prime real estate for Vanir, Beast-Tamers, Nordheimers, and Berserkers. Just watch out for the rusty cliffs around Riversend – purges like to bug out in that area.


If you are on a private server, throttle the difficulty back to 2. We have gotten nothing but bandit purges. Usually 4 waves. 2 are trash, 3rd and 4th wave pony up named Artisans and fighters or archers. The fighters and archers leave something to be desired, 2.1 damage multiplier stuff but we got Purge T4 Blacksmiths, Smelters, cooks and Carpenters from them.

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