Not happy with last big update

My horse is now a defenseless aggro magnet that just lets enemy hack it to pieces.
You gave settings to tailor thralls that they ignore. Had to take melee weapons away from my archers to get them to use bows, no matter what I had them set to.
Followers are giant aggro magnets, I’ve had a village run past me to get to my Sherpa.
Followers wont follow me through my gates. I have to get off my horse open the gate then get back on the horse to get it through a gate, other wise they run around trying to find a way in or an open door.

Any news on when or even if any of this will get fixed? I’ve given up on horses. They are worthless if they are just going to die every time I climb off them. I know I can have a horse and a thrall now but that does me no good when I have to leave the thrall to protect the horse.

You need to level up your horse to at least level 15.

Also don’t use thralls to afk farm, you need to play as well!

Do they defend themselves at level 15?
Horses should at least defend themselves if attacked.

LOL Archers are a giant scorpion trap, but I’m right there with them to bring it down fast at a relatively low level. Think small coliseum with a pit, they ran to the edge and attacked with maces rather then use bows. Lost 3 because a tail sweep dropped them in to the pit. Ya, I jumped in to save them but couldn’t. They will only stay back if they don’t have a melee weapon.

Have you tried setting your chase range to a minimum? I know my archers would run up to the edge of my wall and pull out melee weapons also, but know they dont do that.

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At any level they just stand there and take it like a err horse

A horse isn’t going to just take it, they run or fight.

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