Not possible to make a new Petition

I was going to make a Petition the other day, but its total impossible.
Im not able to make a new 1 because i did make a Report on a ingame player for bad language.
Since i did that, the report doesent dissapear or go away, and therefor im not able to make a new petition.
Need to do a petition because i did buy a ring that i had, and not able to use it…need to undo that.
So is there any1 that might could help me out, or solve my issue with the Petition

I guess you have to delete the older petition.

First: open the /petition interface and check if a GM has written a reply into the current petition… if they have and you are satisfied then you can delete it to close it… then make a new one.
If you are not satisfied then I think you need to type a response to put it back into their petition queue … at this point you could put that in addition to that issue you made a wrong purchase.

Or if it has not been answered then when a GM contacts you, after they finish the current petition they usually type: is there anything else I can help you with today? So then you can tell them about the ring.
Note: you do NOT need to stay on the character that has the wrong ring or made the other petition … the GM will contact you on any character on your account. If they need you to go to the character with the wrong ring they will ask. I’d advise you to leave the ring in the inventory so if they deal with the /petition whilst you are offline to remove it and refund purchase price then they can do that.

I cannot petition either, it wont let me delete the old petition

I don’t know if you are a “financial supporter” or not, but with the changes to Funcoms customer service, it maybe they are not replying because of that. Who knows?

I almost said no… cause nobody said it’s in effect that “announcement” but then I remembered… we’re talking about funcom… everything is possible :smile:

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