Not seeing update for XBOX (PC Gamepass/MS Store)

Are they going turn off the decay timers on Official servers (1822) till this is solved?

any news about att in game pass?

Is this still going on? Can we please get an update. I havent been able to play at all. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the xbox app.

still no update on the situation as of them saying they are working on it

Has anyone heard anything about the gamepass version? I’m still unable to play servers


We extended the decay timers. Please read the following:

Thank you all for your feedback. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work on a solution for this issue.


You’ve mentioned you are working on a patch for consoles.

PC XBox Game Pass users still do not have access to servers due to a version mismatch, and have not since Age of Sorcery launch. Is a solution for this included in this ‘console’ patch?

Is it expected that it will take 48 hours or more for this platform to receive hotfixes in the future?


I doubt it will be fix till next week since they are putting decay timers on for two weeks. They have alot of stuff to fix and who knows if gamepass version is a priority.


This is a joke of a game. this is the second time i’ve experienced game breaking issues in this case i cant even play. first was on ps4 where i had bad lag issues on official servers only that made the game unplayable and then was basically told by Funcom officials that there are other modes and to go play those. pathetic. And now this bullshit. 3 days late on an update only on one platform the one where its the cheapest to play…

Way to sell the new update. At least make the dlcs free on steam with the trial, one, you’ll sell a lot more, two those of us who already spent money on it on microsoft store shouldnt have to pay for it again because of your fvck-up. i think this should be a priority since a large chunk of your playerbase is on here.

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@Mayra this isn’t going to do is any good. We can’t login and the decay timers were already halved on the 1st. I had some friends check on my bases. The smaller ones have already decayed and the large one is set to decay one week from when the patch was rolled out. We don’t get the two week refresh unless we can actually login. Please suspend decay until your players can actually login.


Kind of weird how the price remains at $40 on xbox and cant use the bazar to buy things, at the same time gamepass players cant play at all and the only fully functioning version happens to be on steam for $12 and also the only version where you can buy their battle pass. Very shady.


Can you at least stop building decay will things are fixed?

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Is there any update? I haven’t been able to play the game since the update was released.

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It’s not the game pass only. The normal version from MS Store is also affected. Looks like even xbox consoles.

Fix it pls!! Gonna lose all our stuff if you guys dont fix it very soon. Will never play this game ever again if that happens. Cant belive we wasted so much money on the game and dlcs on xbox app for it to never work when there is updates. Do the right thing and make the dlcs free on steam so ppl can switch over to steam! Really dissepointed in you funcom and xbox!


same issue. at least it works on steam…mostly

hey nothing is working still has there been any change in the situation?

I finally got the right version of Conan Build from the PC Gamepass. I started the game download around noon 4 hours ago, and now I can finally play online connecting to the servers.

I had to delete my old 88GB Conan Exiles build though, and re-download this game fresh, once downloaded it shows the game is on the new build version ( file size : 83.86 GB ) and now I am able to connect to the game servers.

I have this same problem ;/