Not spending another dime on DLC's until things are fixed,

As the title says, I am not buying any more DLC for Conan Exiles. Not when parts of the base game are not available even at this late date. Specifically I am talking about tier 4 crafting thralls, that are needed to make the upgraded versions of the Epic armors. I have also yet to see a priest for Derketo. I won’t even get into the bugs that abound in this game.

Back in 2001 Funcom launched Anarchy Online. It was a major disaster for the next year plus. I was hoping Funcom had learned from that episode and/or the people that produced Anarchy Online had moved on to employment with other game companies, other careers, or even retired to private life. So much for that hope, Funcom is doing the same things that just about ruined AO all over again.

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