Not sure if its a bug or a game feature

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i went to the wilderness with bunch of followers (3 archers 3 melee… using a mod that increases thralls capacity) then came across a corrupted hyena and some other regular ones…realized my guys are about to lose so i pulled away to a safe spot…sadly one of them dident make it out from the fight but when i came back to the spot and killed the hyenas a second later there was no corps of the thrall that got left behind…

at this point im baffled do predators eat thralls corps and make them disappear? or this is a bug?..i looked everywhere for his body but nothing… all this happened in a very short time… i dont remember bodies despawn so quickly with no trace…

Could have been

  1. the visual issue where captured thralls/corpses disappear from display but are still technically there (fixable with logout/login)
  2. fallen into the undermesh
  3. decay timer expired sooner than you thought and it despawned

If you’ve been away for more than 10mins, your follower decayed.

it was a matter of seconds…i was in the fight…i pulled out went a few meters away and seen the thrall is not following…went back to the spot and found only the corrupted hyina …and no thrall corps

I lost a thrall the other day, he was fighting a lynx on the edge of a cliff. I saw him fall, no notification he died and no body. He had disappeared from the list of followers and I went ghost mode to check if he had fallen under the mesh, ported home and ported back. That’s the only one I lost post Siptah.

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