Not sure if its a bug

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not sure its a bug but worth to ask…

i just expirenced a second sandstorm and the only cover i had was the river…first storm i was with my head out of the water and it came right at me… (dident lost any hp) also diving and not diving seemed to not effect me…

second sandstorm also came right at me and i figured all i need todo is do the same …so i went into the river same routin… but this time diving or no diving i lost hp slowly and died… (this time i had “sandstorm” indicator showing)

any ideas what just happened?

Were you in the same part of the river on both occasions? Or were you further north when you were hit by the second sand storm?

You are safe from any adverse affects of the sand storm in the lower portion of the map. I believe the lower portion of the river is the demarcation between the safe and unsafe areas. Above that point, the river doesn’t protect you. At least that was my experience.

Is it possible you’ve got full shelter on the first time?
You can recognise it by the shelter indicator on the left on the screen:

If the icon is fully white (like in the picture) then you’re fully sheltered. If just a tiny bit of the tip is missing, you’re also safe from the storm. Otherwise you’ll receive damage.


first time i was in the river no shelter indicator at all (both times i was in the middle of the river all my body coverd and could dive down deeper the first storm was on the left of the broken bridge)…the first storm came on me so literly i was inside its radios of effect but since i was in the water only my head poped out i assumed im safe and there was no sandstorm indicator at all and i dident lost any hp.

second time i was in another location in the river (right side of the darfari camp that located on top the rock arch on the river) when another storm hit me…same style…i was with my head outside the water but then there was the sandstorm indicator and i started to lose hp fast… dived under the water…and kept losing hp till i died (was not drowning)

could you are with Invisible ceilings and foundations

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