Not sure where to put this or what to call it

Found a strange visual bug that I tested extensively and found to not effect gameplay in a meaningful way that could warrant using it to obtain any advantage.

other than having a cool looking weapon for your thralls standing guard at your base of course.

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It’s funny that some bugs from Age of Conan seem to have been ported over to Conan Exiles :smile:
AoC has the exact same bug if you switch weapons too fast or transmorphed back to human form. Funniest thing I had happen was with a crossbow and a polearm, I basically had the crossbow in my hands and was aiming with it but the bolt was replaced by the polearm, making it look like I was about to shoot that one at my enemy, same with a bow and sword where the arrow was replaced with a sword :smile:
In CE though I had this bug only once, it happened with two swords and looked kinda cool actually because those two weapons blended together nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

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The difference here is both weapons are equipped at the same time but only the combat stats of the 2 handed weapon is applied.

Equip a 2 handed weapon to your thrall

Put a 1 handed weapon in the inventory of your thrall

Fill your thrall’s inventory

Equip the 1 handed weapon to your thrall.

It takes some effort and might require multiple tries but as soon as they put the weapon away it fixes it.

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Nice lookin weapon though…


Yeah. There were some fun combinations I found while testing this.