Nothing loads until after I zone. Invisible everything

Hey all, I cant figue out a fix here. Whenever I zone (especially to Jobe), I zone almost instantly, but then i have to sit and watch everything load infront of me for about 10-30 seconds (buildings, floors, everything). I’m running the new engine.

I’m basically floating in the air as jobe loads around me. This happens with every place I go. once it loads, its fine.

I’m running an AMD Ryzen 5. FPS are high, game runs fast maxed besided this. I have tried everything. All lowest graphics, resinstalling, everything. Any ideas?

upon launching game there is a hotfix check window for fast loading textures afaik. Try this one maybe?

Hmm, I cant find that option.

ah, my bad, sorry - its in old engine launcher: compressed textures. Can’t find it on new engine, but I presume it may cause problem due HDD issues with loading time of texture.

It’s possibly the drive’s speed, AO old and new runs far better on SSD’s etc.

It’s on an SSD as of now. Zoning is almsot instant, its almost as if it zones too fast. I can run around in an invisible environment while things load around me. It’s very odd, and I cant find a solution.

Great videos BTW.

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