Noticed a pattern with PC servers and when they freeze

I play early in the AM. I usually get knocked off on what seems like scheduled server restarts. (Good thing, server runs better after!)

What I do notice though, is that the server reset time seems to change by an hour each day. Sunday, it’ll be at one time, then Monday, an hour difference, then Tuesday, an hour difference from Monday’s time. The problem is that come Wednesday, there is no reset in the morning. The server plays like garbage. Monsters start warping… Then come Wednesday primetime, the server freezes and remains frozen for hours before funcom/gportal resets it.

Like right now, #1941 is down again. Like it has been previous Wednesdays. Our server discord discussed the problem and we all noticed that the freezing seems to happen on a weekly basis right around this time.

If Funcom or Gportal’s got a staggered server restart system in place, perhaps something isn’t rolling over properly midweek?

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