Noticed something odd

Can someone with a mod that displays damage confirm some numbers for me? I noticed that if you use the sprinting kick and score a headshot you can instantly kill a gazelle with 0 strength. It even seems to be dealing noticeable damage to a sand reaper hive queen. I tried kicking a pirate but the aim is rough. At least the hive queen confirmed it isn’t instant death.

Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - 2.2.1
It’s very convenient and highly customizable.

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I play ps4 so I need someone on pc to confirm the damage.

for what it’s worth you can headshot gazelle with pretty much anything, most pray works that way, so you can hunt with low level bow

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No. There are no headshot multipliers in this game outside of the level 50 accuracy perk and this new sprint kick. I’ve shot gazelle in the head hundreds of times and there is no difference in damage. Unless the new update added headshot damage to every attack that is inaccurate.

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don’t know abut that, what I do know is that I hunt gazelle early game like that since I can remember and there is definite difference between headshot and bodyshot, first takes them out clean while latter makes them run

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and there has never been a headshot mechanic. Estimating by how much damage I did to the deer though, I would say the kick did about 200 damage which also lines up with the damage to the sand reaper hive queen. This is the first attack to have a headshot mechanic outside of level 50 accuracy. Either way a 200 damage boot to the face is nothing to scoff at.

@drachenfeles do you play pc and if so how long have you been headshot hunting?

yes, on a PC
can’t remember exactly when I noticed but definitely before mounts and siptah, I remember having mining camp around tower of bats
I recently played on Savage Wilds with new character and it worked

It might be a mod then. Savage wilds is not official.

naa, afaik SW uses EL spawners

Well either way kicking a sand reaper hive queen for 1% hp is pretty cool.

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