Now that we have pet dens

Can we get some baby humans please like …baby cimerians and dafaris?

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yeah…nooooo…sorry :slight_smile:


A game with slavers, cannibals and we can’t have rug rats running around our bases? AWWW…:sob:

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I mean… this game has replaced the Sims for all of my building desires, but I’m not sure I want that part in this game too, lol. Beg a modder, like an add on for Sexiles. Maybe you can get a pregnancy and child-rearing addition. :rofl:

Yup, I am pretty sure there is a mod somewhere already in the works :wink:


I think the last thing needed is babies running around with 10 inchers blowing in the wind.

but…but… we could load them up with explosive jars and launch them from trebuchets. Think of all the fun we could have.

Flying baby bombs.- it works.

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can we replace that with bunnies ?

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bunny bombs?

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