Now what-Rp?Premades?


I guess you are actively trying to find something to get offended by. You are off target by miles.


It is easy to point the problem to the developers themselves and while true there is merit in the blame it is not solely their fault for the current situation in pvp. It must also be pointed out that the community itself is not contributing to an active pvp player environment. In fact, more often than not, they are discouraging other players in engaging in pvp. This can be clearly seen during the festival of bloodshed events where the majority of guilds don’t participate due to the held dominance of a select few. While understandable that these guilds won’t give up a spot for their own members on team events, it is seeing them work together in what should be ffa modes that many would be players will find discouraging.

Just ask yourself, “Why would I participate in a supposed FFA mode when that guild are clearly not attacking each other and actively focusing me and others who don’t share the same guild tag as there’s?”

Often times this is the case. And the problems go deeper than this, but that is an essay in itself and already this post is long enough as is.

Just know that often times when we point a finger their are three fingers pointed back at us. Understand that it isn’t just the developers at Funcom discouraging pvp, but the player base themselves also having a hand in it.


No. It is completely up to the devs to make systems and mechanics that are robust enough to counter unintended behaviour of the player base.


It all stems from the days when pug minigames were implemented,

PvP communities became more and more redundant, all very well reflected in this Saga server.

I might also have misunderstood OP though, but it feels like he calls for PvP 10 as the ultimate goal and something that makes it impossible for others to complete because they used the shop. Like I said. The gap isn’t that crazy, but I’ll agree incentive to play is missing, like OP is saying!


Well, ive been playin solo since lvl 1 on saga. My guild has only a few online on saga and all of them seems to be in a different timezone lol.

Its no problem to do pvp alone. the ammount of xp and token rewards + aa’s is insane. U can lvl up from pvp 0 to 7 in 1 week Easy. With the use of haloween candys and a few mini insurances.

Vanquisher quest… cmon… lots and lots of xp and tokens x 3. Festival 6 days a week… lol

0-7 in a week is no problem. If u want it.

To the OP: World pvp, sieges and minis. Thats whats left. Gear is minor, skill and experience is everything. In other words, ur horde is going to get facerolled in all scenarios😊 maybe its time u teach them other than aoe a resspad🙈 or maybe its to late… no offence tho, i love u guys❤️

I am however dissapointed at the end of saga. The end quest is very poor, rewards in general is nothing new… feels very cheap.
The leaderboard, its a joke imo. Ppl farming themselves for kills and ratio etc. And funcom congratz them for it on facebook lol. It tells us how much time they rly spend checking for exploiters🤣

World pvp is fun for me! And thats why im Here…


Minigames fkng suuuuuck…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Killing 50 people- no problem,
winning 10 duels-easy.
Participating in 10 minis? Nightmarish!:rage:

I personally can’t stand the fact we are forced to grind minigames to obtain PVP gear. I hate pug minis with a passion.

Having to be stuck on teams of incompetent players and hoping for the best with a complete lack of teamwork is pure torture. It’s the reason PVP is a lost cause in age of Conan.

I’m just glad they didn’t make it a 10 minigame win requirement. :exploding_head:


Yes minis r very nervewrecking here! U must be flagger, dps and healer all by urself🤣

The sin in hide looking at u fighting 4 guys while trying to hold flag, the healer who thinks bigheal is the only way to go… omg… BUT, theese guys r fresh… noone told them how to play. Btw, 90% of theese guys r from the same guild. They didnt need to know how to play while zerging 100 vs 15 since lvl 18. I guess thats normal tho cuz the leader himself are clueless in Pvp and spend his time chatting in global. What we need is a pvp guide😊


Post not applicable!


Personally I stopped trying or really even having fun with the pvp on Saga several weeks ago. It could have been a great thing but there was and I’m sure still is far too much farming going on. I saw certain guilds farming alts in the festival zones, not once but multiple times. I have seen far too many times players from all guilds exploiting terrain (fighting from inside of structures, being untargettable). The final straw for me I think was one of the last time I was in Kheshetta during the festival thing. Group arena was happening, there was about 3 groups-worth of players there from multiple guilds (2 of the guilds were a main and supposed alt guild ofc) and even some of my own guildies were there. They were in their groups and not fighting each other. Like at all period. Group arena and had 3 groups of people just sitting there. The exception to that is some poor solo shlub ran in and they all jumped them. They revived and died repeatedly. Groups wouldn’t fight each other but would mercilessly slaughter a solo person.

The events could have been designed a bit better sure. And yeah the pvp lootboxes from the store shouldn’t have been a thing especially the ring from them. But nobody twisted anyone’s arm to buy heaps of pvp lootboxes, but many people did. Nobody twisted anyone’s arm to go for, get and wear the broken ring, but some did. Nobody twisted anyone’s arm to go to festival zones and farm alts, but a lot of people did.

The server’s overall failure is on the player’s hands, not the developers. AFKing, exploiting terrain, farming alts, buying up pvp levels / gear. that’s all stuff players do and honestly when I started Saga I was hoping the community had matured enough to prevent abuse of those things.
I was mistaken.


Honestly they should have made it WIN 10 minigames not just show up. Then you’d have people actually having to try for once instead of going afk on the pad till its over


Spot on. Last paragraph especially.


So its players fault that they bought a pack that was released/produced specifically for saga? :thinking:



I’d put this in line with giving atlantean shards only by participating in RF without killing any bosses, say get x4 wipe buff and quest is completed.

same story in minis now with that quest. no understanding of PvP from devs by adding this quest, simply cater to the masses that need their free vanity sets. nevermind the actual state of PvP!


I mean, yes? Funcom isn’t forcing anyone to buy things from the shop. They just make it as desirable as possible. And it works on a lot of people. Enough that it was literally impossible to pvp in the 18 bracket if you didn’t buy it.

Not saying that Funcom isn’t in the wrong. But as long as people keep paying (I’m actually guilty myself), they’ll keep doing what they’re doing.


I’d agree lvl 18 was a total disaster, BUT they redeemed themselves for the remaining brackets by having shop gear 10 levels lower than the cap.

I’ll agree lvl 80 is a step back, but hardly as bad as lvl 18 was.

as for next time, if there will be one:

let’s work together to set some rules for say SOLO ARENA, that we try to brawl it out as much as possible even against your own guildies. I ask my guys to do this whenever we could! but ofc when a solo player steps in there and there’s only our guild in the arena, and by chance 2 guys jump him at the same time, he’ll call out “omg they’re not attacking eachother” - when actually we just brawl it out, and he’s a necro in SW -> a natural target.
Im not saying this goes for all guilds, I’ve seen some alt farmers too or people that “only duel”, which is quite stale for something that should be full chaos… but spread the word and let’s make it a standard! you can only change the system by opposing it I guess.


Yeah I have no problem with the gear packs we had in the other brackets. They were decent but you could get better by playing the game, which is how it should always be.


I dont really understand where you are getting at, but I stand by my point that ruined fun cos of p2w is not dirt on the playerbase hands. put the responsibility on the players to not support p2w will fail 100% of the times.

they could’ve made way more money in total if they wouldnt have gone so extreme p2w and lost clear majority of players the first week. we have mmos on the market that only sell cosmetics in the shop, p2w microtransactions is not the only way to go, its the lazy way to go. :roll_eyes:


Well I’m having a blast in china. Today we went to the avatar mountains. Slowly losing the addiction to aoc. But I do miss you all.

I find it ironic that no one answered my question just complained…

What do you want to do for the rest of saga?

I come back on Monday and would love to help organize some fun events or open world RP PVP events


Let’s fight for zones, like you did it at the beginning: “EoS claim Connals valley” - but what would be win/loss conditions ? :slight_smile:


yea its lame if you just claim victory only because people get tired and log off