NPC allies,stone golems, loyal thrall and minons

I feel as the player world is dead. In offline single player is so dull. A dull knife to the skull it feels like. Here are a few ideas to stop the crippling lonelyness of offline single player mode.

NPC allies are toons/Created characters. Basically they are the thing you are playing as now. Max for offline single player mode is 30. Only 9 NPC allies can follow you at the same time. NPC allies can be put to work. Beware each NPC ally needs to be partner up with 2 or more NPC allies. NPC allies need food and water. You put the stat points and feat points. NPC allies respawn. NPC allies teleport to you if they are following you. NPC allies are toons/CAC you create. Picture you on a different server. You can switch your Toon to any NPC ally. Think of dragon ball xenoverse. You create a character then you can switch to any character you want. NPC allies are just the player creating thier toons/CAC 29 more times. This is offline single player mode only. For balance reasons. I lack a clan. NPC allies are my clan.

Loyal thrall is a thrall you create. Only 1 per person. This thrall you create. Pick its gender ,looks and name This thralls can respawn. This thralls base stats are 15 to all. This thrall stat growth is 100% for all stats. This thrall gets 0 extra rolls. This thrall max stats before any perks is 35. The perks this thrall are both jack of all trades and Universal warrior. This thrall is slowest to level up. This thrall is permanent attached to the player. The thrall can respawn at a player’s bed or if the player respawn. 15 min cooldown to respawn.

Minons are very weak creatures a clan can break the wills of. Minons has there own cap at 25. Minons are not smart. Minons are useful for basic defense against low threats like shalebacks. Minons are only good at gathering raw meats,hides,wood and stone. Minons are all melee fighters with starting stats of 5 strength and 5 vitality. They have 100% stat growth in strength and vitality. Everything else is 0% growth. Minons has fast level up. Minons auto gain experience. 1000 experience gain per min. Minons don’t need food or water to survive. You need a minon bar to heal minons. Minons max level is 5. So minons max strength and vitality are 10. Minons don’t get extra rolls. Minons have thier own gear called minon armor,minon sword and minon shield. Minon gear never breaks. Picture stone sword,light armor and Wooden shield for stats value. Minon armor is a five set armor piece. To capture a minon you must go to a cave and use a minon whip on the minon . The minon vanish and enters the minon bar you built. Minon whip and minon gear can be crafted at the minon bar. Minons love to drink and eat. Players beware: NEVER DESTROY A MINON BAR! When a minon bar is destroyed the minons heal to 100%, thier stats are double for 24 hours and they seek blood lust on the person whom destroy the minon bar for 24 hours. So players don’t destroy your minon bar if it is your only one. Minons will attack thier owner if the owner destroys the minon bar. Minon cap is it own limit cap.

Stone Golems are craftable protectors. Stone Golems have thier own limit called golem limit. Stone Golems require 500 stone to make 1 Stone Golem. Stone health is 750. Stone Golems base armor is same as a full set of heavy armor armor. Default heavy armor unlock. Stone Golems base offensive is same as a Iron warhammer. Stone Golems have base strength of 10 and base vitality of 15. Stone Golems has 100% stat growth in strength and vitality. Max level is 10. Stone Golems only perk available is blessed. Stone Golems are fast to level up. Stone Golems has a passive experience gain of 2000 per min. Stone Golems also gain +10000 experience per hour. Stone Golems are defense creatures you leave at home. Stone Golems are melee only. Stone Golems limit cap is 15. Stone Golems recovery very slowly and can’t eat. Stone Golems have a default .5 health regen. Repair a stone golem with stone repair kits or repair them with your repair hammer. Stone Golems like pets will return to thier posts. Stone Golems whom die will explode on enemies doing small amounts of damage. Players should avoid exploding golems or suffer a x5 bleeding stack. Golems don’t need to eat or drink. Stone Golems level up fast due to players with better armors and weapons out classing the Stone Golems.

This is why I don’t combine many ideas in one topic. 4 days zero responses. Has the community died down? Or do they no longer care? I feel like when I first join people were more alive. Now the community is less.

A lot of these ideas have been suggested time and time again, and people are just tired of responding. The point about thralls gathering resources has been beaten to death by now as most people think it makes the game unfair and just an idle game at that stage. I personally think stone golems would be cool though, but maybe we’ll see them if we get sorcery this year.

Loyal thralls aren’t harvest thralls. A permanent thrall ally that respawns. They can’t respawn useless you are near a bed or die. Loyal thralls are the weakest slow gain experience thralls. Only 1 per person. Each person can have one.

Minons aren’t thralls. Minons aren’t strong. Minons are weak. Minons are weakest. They have 1 use. To harvest. Minons blinks on maps. So good luck hiding you base with Minons.

NPC allies aren’t forced in offline single player mode. NPC allies are weak AI that you create. There purpose is to make offline single player mode feel alive. NPC allies aren’t even NPCs. They are toons/created characters that are playable. You can switch between them. Your main toons/created character is the one you control. NPC allies need food,water and protection from the elements. NPC allies can drowned. They can do what you can do. Be set to harvest food,water and resources. But they don’t like doing task alone. NPC allies love following the play. NPC allies love using emotes. NPC allies will never build bases. You build bases. NPC allies can respawn to the player or to a bed. NPC allies hate being alone. NPC allies will ask you evey time you go on Conan Exile offline single player mode. How was your day?

The Conan Exile offline single player mode is still lonely. “One is the loneliness numbet that you’ll ever be!”

Everyone who reads NPC allies always mistakes them for harvest thralls or thralls. To me they are my allies. Let me enlightened everyone.

By the look of it they (funcom) might be more interested into pushing players into GameAsService.
I’m not accusing, but you can pretty much see how things are going.
There’s plenty of mods to get something similar to what you describe. But I lost faith.
Just look at single player, if they cared they would allow us multiple save files, instead pc players have to use a mod for multiple save files while console players have to play with what they have.

Time for me to leave Conan Exiles. Maybe even delete it off my ps4.


I like for my world to not feel dead. Also no sorcery. As well as every idea feeling like it is a waste of time. I put my heart and soul in each suggestion. Each one written by hand with a ps4 controller. It feels empty in offline single player mode. Plus the game almost takes up 100 gigabytes on PS4.

never mind, I misunderstood something.

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