Npc archer back up speed is waaaaay to fast

Shouldn’t have to sprint after a backing up archer just to make a connection and still can barely make it because of the back up speed, especially skeleton archers, why can skeleton archers back step faster then i can sprint…archers really need to walk slower backwards

We had animation canceling to fix that. If your attack didn’t connect, you could cancel and reposition yourself more towards the enemy. But it got removed after 3 years because it is an “exploit”.

Now you are stuck in slow animations and the enemy archer just laughs at you while you struggle with your weapon like a 60 year old.

Yup, and then when ya get close enough he manages a cripple shot😂 ah damn archers

Swear those guys are born walking backwards

Because shield block isn’t for everyone. just the ones with a brain.

As a shield bearer myself this is still worthless for closing the distance, we’re talking about the speed they back step at being to fast, raising you shield only blocks a shot and slows you down in this case, a back stepping npc archer should just be inaccurate like crazy like we are

I found their training routine :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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Those are still annoying, but thankfully there are now sprint attacks. God, that helped a lot to me!
But requires a tiny little practice, they tend to miss sometimes.

Look to my user name to understand my archer hatred, i got a vandetta for those guys :wink:


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